国外纷纷传言IE8将是Internet Explorer的最后一个版本,这个猜测来源于Microsoft的CEO Steve Ballmer对WebKit的青睐。不过鲍尔默只是说对WebKit感兴趣,当同时会继续开发浏览器,对其扩展一些私有的特性。


“There will still be a lot of proprietary innovation in the browser itself so we may need to have a rendering service.”

“Open source is interesting, Apple has embraced Webkit and we may look at that, but we will continue to build extensions for IE 8.”




Guest Wed Mar 11 2009 10:40:25

IE sucks monkey dick! Please let it die ASAP!

I have an opinion on this subject (as well as an asshole):

Fuck Active X

That is all.

TheFuzzball Wed Mar 11 2009 08:55:32

I would be extremely glad to see IE go, I don’t care to mention the countless times that I have developed a website with a certain style that is valid XHTML/CSS, tested in FF, Konqueror, Safari, Chromium… All except for IE, I then have to spend another hour working around IE’s incompatibility. It is a pain that only web developers know.

Guest Wed Mar 11 2009 04:40:55

“I, for one, look forward to the possibility of a clean break with IE’s creaky old rendering engine. But I hope the company pays more care and attention to preserving legacy compatibility than it did with some of its more recent OS efforts.”

God, please NO! The compatibility is the reason IE is so shitty today! Clean breaks mean leave the problems behind and replace it with something that actually works.

Guest Wed Mar 11 2009 04:04:39

ActiveX should have been tossed long ago .. say about IE 6?

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