FLASH MX 2004设计者样题及相关说明

Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Sample Questions

1. How is a Fireworks PNG file imported if the file will be edited by Flash roundtrip
A. import as a single flattened bitmap
B. import as a single editable bitmap
C. import as editable bitmaps
D. keep all bitmaps editable
E. keep all paths editable

2. What instance effects can be used to change transparency? (Choose TWO)
A. Fill
B. Tint
C. Alpha
D. Advanced
E. Brightness

3. What methods can be used to add images to a Flash document? (Choose TWO)
A. open Macromedia Freehand document
B. open Macromedia Fireworks document
C. create vector images in Flash development environment
D. create bitmap images in Flash development environment
E. import bitmap and vector images created with Macromedia Freehand or

4. What panel is used to create a gradient?
A. Tools panel
B. Gradient panel
C. Properties panel
D. Color Mixer panel
E. Color Swatches panel

5. What changes the default text size of all version 2 components in a movie to 16?
A. _global.setStyle(fontSize, 16);
B. setGlobalStyle(“fontSize”, 16);
C. setGlobalObject(style, fontSize, 16);
D. _global.style.setStyle(“fontSize”,16);

6. What is true about the Hit state of a button? (Choose THREE)
A. executed when clicked
B. location to place ActionScript
C. used to create an invisible button
D. defines the clickable area of a button
E. can be smaller than the size of the button graphics

7. What can be used to make an image appear to fade in/out?
A. alpha
B. visible
C. trace bitmap
D. a custom swatch

8. What should the sync be set to when applying a sound to a button rollover?
A. Loop
B. Start
C. Event
D. Stream

9. What does a layer consist of when you have motion tweened an instance across
the Stage and then removed it?
A. three keyframes and frames
B. two frames and one keyframe
C. keyframe, frames and a Blank keyframe
D. two keyframes, frames, and a Blank keyframe

10. What are advantages of using FLV files instead of embedded video? (Choose
A. better playback than embedded video
B. stronger digital rights management and security features
C. improved previewing capabilities in the Flash authoring tool
D. memory usage on the user computer is lowered, enabling longer video clips
E. external FLV files can have different frame rates than the SWFs that load them

11. What method should be placed on a mute button in a Flash audio project?
A. Sound.mute();
B. stopAllSounds();
C. Sound.getVolume();
D. Sound.setVolume(0);

12. Which event handler of the Sound class is automatically invoked when a sound
finishes playing?
A. done
B. onLoad
C. onCompletion
D. onSoundComplete

13. What sound setting specifies the sound to play through for the specified number of
times, regardless of any stop actions in the timeline?
A. start
B. event
C. stream
D. play for
E. play through

14. When is the Onion Skin feature useful? (Choose TWO)
A. moving an entire animation at once
B. creating frame-by-frame animations
C. producing “blurring” effects to images
D. seeing content of keyframes before or after current frame for reference

1. A
2. C,D
3. C,E
4. D
5. D
6. C,D,E
7. A
8. C
9. D
10. D,E
11. D
12. D
13. B
14. B,D




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